Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Posted by Jeffy! at 12:32 PM

I hadnt heard this story yet and just read it and it was awesome:

ben told me a wonderful story this morning and i had to share it with you, and now im giving the keyboard to ben. take it away cutie!

On saturday night i was driving in between FL and Wyoming when i get pulled over by some pig. for some reason i forgot to turn off my music when "Kick Start MY Heart" by Motley Crue was playing. He cop comes up to me and say "Sir do u know why i pulled u over?" "no i said." "You were vearing into the shoulder,Have u been drinking tonight?" "no i havent" "Wait is that Motley crue playing on your radio" "yeah." "what do u think of them?" " theyre awesome i love them" "me too man u have a nice day"

I sat there for like a minute and a half on what what the fuck just happened and how fucking awesome that cop was. And that how motley crue saved my ass




Adam Smith said...

motley crue for life!

Anonymous said...

soo hilarious

Anonymous said...

stop lying ben.

Ray said...

Check Jeffs blog for my comment...Ray

Anonymous said...

u ever called me a lier can eat a dick