Monday, September 21, 2009

Jeffys profile from the OLS crew

Name: Jeffy Gabrick
to describe me is pretty simple. but im gonna try to get it right on the dot. im a 21 year old half swedish snowboarder from minnesota that weighs 120lbs sopping wet. both of my parents are retired, my dog is fat as hell and my cat is currently licking himself. ive been snowboarding for about nine years now. the past two years ive gone snowboarding almost every single day from when my resort opens to when it closes. being on board is the only thing that keeps me from going insane. i dont know where i would be if i didnt dedicate myself to this lifestyle. i would prolly be a "bro" and im pretty extatic about how my life is right now. ive worked at the fl project which is our local skate and snowboard shop and working there also keeps me inline with myself. i graduated from forest lake high school in 2007 and hated every single person in my graduating class minus about 5 people. so during those high school years i only hung out with the younger kids that actually skate and snowboard. to this day i still do hang out with those kids and we called ourselves "the wizards."

you can check out the blogspot since i hang out with those kids im very immature. which i geuss is a good thing since im still very young at heart. but could also be a bad thing in a social setting. i wear to big of clothes for me. i swear in about every sentance i say. im constantly making sexual jokes. my favorite thing to do with my hands would be to flick someone off. i havent washed my hair since july 21 2008. i dont think i ever stop talking shit all day. since i graduated high school the biggest pay check ive gotten was a lil over 300 dollars. and that was only a one time thing. i think the only positive thing about me is that i try to keep a smile on everyones face at all times by cracking immature jokes that remind them of when they were 12, the fact that ive popped my lung taking a shit and the fact that i lost my virginity at a motley crue concert.

yeah. motley fuckin crew!


Alex said...

"the fact that i lost my virginity at a motley crue concert."

Haha thats awesome

Anonymous said...

what a fag

Twaut said...

Can I see an ID of this girl? haha

Anonymous said...

peeps be quick to hate anonymously

Anonymous said...

Dude you snowboard too? No way, we should ride some time together