Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Sketchy Kev!!!!

Turned the big Two Zero. Now there is only a year and a day till your funeral you drunk money having red haired bastard fuck !
I'm not sure if I can top my last gift to you being that I got your name tattood on my ass, but I'll still give it a try i guess..
Blown away at how good his beer is.
Watchin some B Ball (Cheerleaders) tellin me to shut the fuck up and watch the "game"
Always stackin cash and gettin ass. Like usual.
What do you fucking know.....I knew the sketchy bastard was up to no good watchin that game.
Chillin with Kraby. I wonder if he put that mustache to work on her that night. I'd hope so.
Watch out ladies he's single. And he definitally has "the fire down below" if ya dig what I'm shoveling.

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