Tuesday, August 25, 2009

that sucks.

christian and his friends filmed this in the highschool

here's the description

"Nick Benoit was trying to backside 50-50 the 8 stair rail inside of our school (forest lake high school) and he slips out and snaps his leg. the reason why i stopped recording is because right where the end cuts off is where my camera died. we all panicked and didn't know what to do once it happened. i thought he was joking at first until he looked at me and screamed "I'M SERIOUS!!" and picked up his leg and it flopped over. then i called the police and had the ambulance come into the school during volleyball try outs and inject him up with morphine and wheel him out in a stretcher. he spent several nights in the hospital and almost lost his leg due to compartment syndrome. hes out for the season and wont be able to skate for a very long time."
im sorry nick benoit

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